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"Sirens, Lights and Lawyers" With Author David Givot

February 05, 2024 Season 2 Episode 3
EMSconnect On Shift
"Sirens, Lights and Lawyers" With Author David Givot
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Show Notes

EMSconnect On Shift Host Shaun Pitts engages in a compelling conversation with author David Givot, delving into his transformative book, "Sirens, Lights, and Lawyers." David Givot, a seasoned EMS Defense lawyer with a background as a paramedic, offers an enlightening and refreshingly candid perspective for EMS providers at all career levels. "Sirens, Lights, and Lawyers" serves as a practical guide, unraveling the complexities of the law, demystifying legal processes, and addressing the inherent risks encountered in emergency medical services. This invaluable resource empowers readers with the necessary knowledge and insight to effectively navigate both the legal intricacies and personal challenges inherent in their daily responsibilities. Listen to this episode and get the book before writing another narrative!!! 

Find the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Sirens-Lights-Lawyers-Important-Providers-ebook/dp/B0C4WGP61G

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