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"People Care" with Author Thom Dick

February 01, 2022 EMSconnect, LLC Season 1 Episode 16
EMSconnect On Shift
"People Care" with Author Thom Dick
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Show Notes

Our texts don't tell us about the biggest challenges we'll always face in medicine.  People Care does.
During a 44-year career as an EMT, paramedic and EMS thought leader, Thom Dick authored more than 500 articles and four books advocating for sick people and their caregivers.  His most recent book is People Care: Perspectives & Practices for Emergency Caregivers 3rd edition.  Based on input from dozens of seasoned caregivers, it's a primer for taking care of sick people and their caregivers. His book changed the way I provided care to patients, and I hope by hearing what he was to say, it does the same for you! 

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